Whose development? was producedas  a result of the work of a group of teachers involved in a project that included a study visit to The Gambia and Senegal.

Published in 1987 the idea was to offer a text book format that introduced development education approaches alongside core geography.The book has sections on Images - and why it is important to be aware of these.  The visit itself  - using quotes from the teachers involved.  Meeting people - lifestyles different locations in The Gambia and Senegal.  Exploring what we mean by development and the different perspectives experienced.  

The book enables students to debate issues such as Tourism, Aid, Health -- and the overall national context of The Gambia and its future.

The project also involved teachers running in-service workshops for other teachers in 8 West Midland LEAs.  

The project, like several that followed, was set up in partnership with the School of Education, University of Birmingham.

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