Learning from the experience of the Development of Education Commission [LINK] Tide~ in partnership with CIER* set up the West Midland Commission on Global CitizenshipThe Tide~ strategy was to seek opportunities for debate, advice and inspiration by engaging a group with a range of experience in lead roles relating to education.  The process also acted as an anchor and an inspiration to a variety of projects. [See links below] 

This extract from the Commission Report [2002] sets the scene [LINK] with short pieces by Commission members: Anita Bhalla and Tim Brighouse.  It also includes a list of members and other acknowledgements. The Commission was chaired by Professor Lynn Davies.  In this extract she reflects on the commission process. This is supported by short pieces from Commission members: Chris Durbin, Sukhvinder Stubbs, John Rymer, Rosemary Gray and Gilroy Brown. 

*CIER - Centre for International Education and Research, School of Education, University of Birmingham.  

The commission process enabled consultation about what became the West Midland Coalition for Global Learning.  This extract introduces the consultation idea.  [LINK]  It is useful to remember that, at that time, it was expected that Education responsibilities would move from LEAs to a new Regional structure.  A Tide~ magazine article highlights the main features of the Coalition’s first phase. [LINK]

Keys events were also important to the process offering challenging input — for example from

Ian Barr [LINK] on “we need something more robust” in thinking about educational change and Bhikhu Parekh [LINK] on multi-ethnic Britain.

The projects referred to in the report included:

•  Whose Citizenship? Teacher toolkit    Towards Ubuntu - learning from citizenship in South Africa    Learning for Change in Northern Ireland often referred to as the “Derry pack”.  •  Building a foundation - Key Stage 1 and global citizenship     Learning with tomorrow in mind - introducing the ideas of sustainable development.   Citizenship in Common — Europe and Africa?     CIER Research -- overview: "Don't mention the war"

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