UN Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals were set out at the Millennium Summit, in September 2000.  World leaders committed their nations to a series of targets to reduce extreme poverty by 2015.  These became known as the Millennium Development Goals.

For detailed information go to www.un.org/millenniumgoals

The resource Enabling global learning through the KS3 curriculum suggests ‘development’ as a cross-curricular theme as well as a focus for Geography.

The websites here will give students a starting point for exploring development issues.  They provide a focus for the web-cards activity, suggested in this resource, to support students’ critical evaluation of websites.

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Social Watch
Based in Uruguay.  Focuses on progress towards social development, equality and poverty eradication.

World Bank Poverty Net
Dedicated to the fight against world poverty.  Good reports, data, newsletter and excellent links.


Oxfam Education
Provides some useful background information to this global issue and details of Oxfam’s Global Campaign for Education.

UNESCO Education Site
The main UN site for information on the struggle to provide education for all.


UNEP ‘Our Planet’ online
Focuses on sustainable development.  Articles by world experts, facts, information, and some excellent links.

People and the Planet
Site developed following Earth Summit in 1992.  Key people and environment issues covered using up to date materials.


World Health Organisation (WHO)
The UN agency responsible for efforts to improve global health.  The first place for international health information.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
MSF (meaning ‘doctors without borders’) are a leading medical NGO.  Find out about their valued work at this informative site.

United Nations HIV/AIDS Organisation
The world’s leading agency in the global struggle against HIV/AIDS, arguably the biggest health issue of recent years.


Womankind Worldwide

A UK based NGO dedicated to promoting equality and human rights for women throughout the world.

United Development Fund for Women
The women's fund at the United Nations. Provides financial and technical assistance to innovative programmes and strategies to foster women's empowerment and gender equality.


UN Population Fund (UNFPA)
The UN’s key population website.  Detailed information about world population and issues relating to development.

UN Census Bureau
This site brings population to life with time series pyramids for the coutry of your choice.  See population change before your eyes!

Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
A US based site with a wealth of current information, data and topical articles about all aspects of population.  Well organised and user friendly.

News & Views

World Bank Student and Teacher Pages
Youthink! But do you know?

UNICEF ‘Voices of Youth’

Web Portals

One World Network

Facts & Figures

World Resources Institute ‘EarthTrends’

Country Information

Fact Monster Countries Page