Essential Learning was a key output from the Development Education Commission - a project set up jointly with 80:20 to bring together lead educationalist from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  [See page 2 for list].  Over a year the team -- the commission -- met in Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin and Glasgow.  They met with groups of local people interested in development / human rights education in each place as well as taking their own deliberations further. 

This consultation document focuses on civil society, world citizenship and the role of education. It debates strategies for change and advocates a 'dispositions approach'.  It offers proposals for a core curriculum framework, the building of common educational agendas and suggests opportunities for furthering work on global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights principles.  

This work influenced Tide~ thinking that led to the setting up of the West Midlands Coalition and the idea of introducing global learning as our core approach.

The project also commissioned reviews. See a view from: Scotland by Margaret Macintosh; Wales by Eleri Elliot; England by Ann Mc Collum; Ireland by Kevin Kelly.

The four documents can be reviewed / downloaded below.  There is also a document offering a summary of the findings and the commission's view of the core issues.

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