Initiative focusing on Language and Literacy teaching brought new challenges to teachers.  A project provided the opportunity for mutual support, innovation and exploration about how ‘global texts’ could contribute to such work. 

A group of Key stage 2 teachers experimented with different stories and ways of using them to stimulate children’s discussion and writing. They shared their experiences … that then contributed to this handbook published in 1999.  

A different story is a handbook which explores the potential for using stories to explore global issues.  These stories, or ‘global texts’, are a powerful resource for challenging children’s perceptions of the wider world.  They touch upon issues such as conflict, poverty and racism.  They offer starting points to support discussion and debate … and the development literacy skills.  

Stories provide a powerful tool for making connections. They can evoke a sense of time and place, and touch our emotions, sometimes quite unexpectedly.  With a focus on people and the issues that they face, a story can suddenly place us in somebody else’s shoes … and provide a valuable insight.


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