The pack included this booklet and 33 b&w A4 photographs.  The photographs were taken by teachers as part of a preparation course that later involved parallel study visits to Colombia, Ghana and India.





The world in Birmingham [LINK] introduces the potential, in Birmingham, for beginning to explore and debate development issues. 

It built on the ideas that evolved from Learning about Africa project raising question such as Where is the "third world?"  See article from Learning about Africa [LINK]

It was published to complement the teaching approaches introduced in Priorities for Development —a teachers handbook for development education. 

Produced in 1982, it was the first of many photo packs that were published by DEC / Tide~. 

The use of photographs as a stimulus to learning activities could be seen as another Tide~ theme. 

It is proposed that we should explore this as part of Tide~ 2020.


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