A sense of school was complemented by two other books published in 1986 that also resulted from the Development Education Centre's Primary Education Project.  Over two years teachers from different schools in Birmingham worked together and shared ideas.  Much experience was gained about approaches to group creativity and professional development. Strong links were also developed with other areas of innovation.

A sense of school was about bringing that experience together and offering ways of planning inservice using active learning approaches.  “When we are thinking about complex ideas such as the hidden curriculum or exploring how to initiate group work in the classroom, there is much to be gained from working together.”  The approaches offered are designed to allow maximum participation by everyone. 

The book was designed as an aid to those planning inservice courses, workshops, staff meetings, etc. It begins by suggesting ways in which the person acting as facilitator can prepare for a course. The main part of the book reflects one particular framework for inservice. This framework is offered as a stimulus to your own planning and consists of three types of activity: Preparation; Input; Output. These activities are explored in the context of four themes: A Sense of School; Owning Policy; Putting it into Practice; and Global Literacy. 

Book I - Theme Work [link] explores ways of planning themes with a global dimension and suggests ways of tackling four different themes — Images, Change, Transport and Tanzania.  Book 2 - Hidden Messages [link] considers bias in children's books and suggests ways of raising awareness about the issues related to this bias.


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