Science and D&T

Learners need an understanding of how science and technology shape their world. This section shares teaching ideas, resources and activities for global learning in Science and Design Technology.

In an increasingly globalised world, science and technology are at the heart of  21st century life, indeed it is difficult to think of any aspect of these subjects which do not have global connotations!  Communication, the environment, infrastructure, biodiversity, health, nutrition, leisure, manufacturing are a few of the areas where we look to science and technology to devise solutions which will improve our lives.  But science and technology do not exist in a vacuum ~ how can we support children to engage in real life situations and rise to the challenge of building a sustainable future?

In the sections below, we highlight resources developed by teachers, which share ideas about: 

We hope that these resources will inspire you to try some global learning activities in your classroom ~ we would love to hear how they went!

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‘Changing technology’ asks questions about the role of technology in shaping our world and our lives, and provides teaching ideas and resources, including a photo pack, which will engage and stimulate children’s learning.

Sustainable development and climate change

Science and Design Technology have a specific role in supporting children’s understanding of sustainability, alongside Geography and Citizenship.

Water issues’ and 'Food & Farming' use two key elements of life to explore the connections between communities around the world.

Using images as a stimulus

A powerful image can inspire a range of emotions and raise questions and challenges for learning.  Sharing images between partner schools can help young people develop a connection with a different place and a diverse group of people.  Teaching ideas for using images along with a selection of downloadable resources are available here.

‘A world of investigations’ is a photo pack offering a range of images from around the world as starting points for questioning and scientific enquiry.

Developing questioning and enquiry

A starting point for many discussions about global issues has been the Development Compass Rose [DCR].  The DCR framework reminds us to consider a range of perspectives related to environmental, social, economic and political aspects prompting deep engagement while encouraging the development of a range of communication skills.  This process challenges our assumptions and stereotypes, while creating a space to listen to others’ viewpoints of the world. 

‘Young children and global citizenship’ provides a range of useful ideas and strategies for developing questioning skills with young children.

‘Climate change~ local and global’ offers an enquiry framework for looking into this huge global issue at KS2.  This can be adapted for other big global issues – we offer an example on Waste and Recycling in ‘Global learning in primary schools.’

Exploring global learning

Primary global learning handbook cover ‘Global learning in primary schools’ shares ideas about global learning, proposes an entitlement for young people and is supported by a range of downloadable material which can be used in the classroom or with colleagues in a CPD session.