05/10/2011 by Margaret Barnfield, Phil Leivers, Jeff Serf, Sally Wood, Claire Finkel
07/12/2011 by Robin Richardson, INSTED

Robin Richardson [from Insted ~ Equality and Diversity in Education] was a keynote speaker at the Tide~ primary conference in March 2010. The following has been extracted from that talk. 

20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

KS1&2 Science, 16 A4 colour photograph pack


14/09/2011 by Tide~ global learning

~ using plants to raise development issues at key stage 2

20/10/2015 by Ben Ballin

For a report on our seminar with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust and Birmingham City Council, click here

20/07/2011 by Tide~ global learning

Introducing key ideas about the relationship between Europe and Africa


25/07/2011 by Becky Link

An enquiry approach

22/07/2011 by Tide global learning

an enquiry approach, KS2/3


25/07/2011 by Sabera Richardson

Sabera shares reflections on the benefits of using ICT for primary children to share questions and ideas about climate change with partner schools in the UK.