05/10/2011 by Margaret Barnfield, Phil Leivers, Jeff Serf, Sally Wood, Claire Finkel
07/12/2011 by Robin Richardson, INSTED

Robin Richardson [from Insted ~ Equality and Diversity in Education] was a keynote speaker at the Tide~ primary conference in March 2010. The following has been extracted from that talk. 

20/10/2015 by Ben Ballin

For a report on our seminar with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust and Birmingham City Council, click here

22/07/2011 by Tide global learning

an enquiry approach, KS2/3


25/07/2011 by Becky Link

An enquiry approach

25/07/2011 by Sabera Richardson

Sabera shares reflections on the benefits of using ICT for primary children to share questions and ideas about climate change with partner schools in the UK.

31/10/2011 by Tide~ global learning

Common issues in the Punjab and the West Midlands

07/12/2011 by Lin Reilly

Lin Reilly, Headteacher, Kings Norton Primary School, Birmingham

05/09/2011 by Tide~ global learning

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