Explores practical ideas about the educational needs of children within a changing global context, drawing on the creative work of a wide range of key stage 1 and 2 teachers. The introductory section supports professional development and will stimulate discussion about global learning approaches. The rest of the resource and material on the website, offers support to classroom planning and teaching.

‘This is a fantastic teacher resource. The pages are colourful, well-designed and easy to read as a result. It is a book that expects an open mind and creative thinking from the reader.’  TES, Feb 2009


Introductory Section

• What do we mean by global learning?
• CPD Activities
• A question of leadership: creating change
• Whole school matters
• School partnerships

Support for planning and Teaching

• Me…my identity and my learning needs
• Understanding social connections
• Understanding commonality
• Understanding interdependence
• Understanding participation

Key resources & website backup

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