Gill Fox, Chair of Trustees

I have been a teacher for over 30 years working in 8 very different schools I started my career as a history teacher in Birmingham and latterly returned to the city as Deputy Head in Sutton Coldfield and then Headteacher for 10 years at Kings Norton Girls’ School.  For almost the whole of this time I have been involved in some way with Tide~.  From project work to serving on the management committee, for me, Tide~ has helped to maintain a fresh and creative approach which I have found energising.  Most stimulating has been working with people in different contexts, from differing cultures, bringing different perspectives. They caused me to think!  They caused me to act!  Having just retired from headship I am delighted to now be Chair of Tide~.  This is a great place from which to support Tide~ in developing local, national and global networks of people who are excited about development education.

Kevin Bailey

I have been a primary teacher and a head of two Worcestershire primary schools interspersed with periods as a literacy consultant and university lecturer.  After retiring as a headteacher I became a regional advisor with The Global Learning Programme.  

I now work as director of a new small organisation, Intouch Global Foundation, supporting a variety of 'not for profit' projects in the West Midlands of England, The Gambia, Peru, Cambodia and Nepal.  I have longstanding connections with Tide~ as a teacher and as part of the management committee.


Margaret Barnfield, Vice Chair

I worked for Birmingham Education Authority for many years in a range of roles in Primary schools across the city, latterly as Headteacher.  Even though I am now retired I maintain my interest in education by being a school Governor and my involvement in Tide~.  In the early days this involvement was through a study visit and projects which developed teaching materials.  Now I am on the management committee and recently have become Vice Chair.  I am committed to supporting the work of Tide~ which brings Teachers together, to widen their own understanding and to discuss innovative approaches to bringing global issues into the classroom.


Rita Chowdhury

My professional career in education had included senior management in a secondary school and work as a Local Authority School Improvement Adviser and Consultant.   I have a lengthy association with Tide~having been chair of its Management Committee over many years and through numerous challenges.  I first became involved in Tide when working for a Local Authority to promote equality and diversity.  TIDE has enabled me to work with and share ideas with like-minded colleagues and this is the organisation's greatest strength. I am an unashamed devotee of the work it undertakes with teachers in developing the curriculum to take account of global issues and challenges.


Nikki Craig

I am Assistant Headteacher and International coordinator at Selly Park Girls School.  I have been involved with global learning projects for 10 years.  I have worked in schools all over the world, America, Australia, Africa, India and Europe.  

I am committed to bringing schools together both locally and globally.  I feel privileged to work with Tide~ to support both young people and adults to feel like they are part of an emerging world community of global citizens who see the world as a whole, value diversity and understand global issues.


Jo Fairclough

I’m Headteacher at Wolgarston High School, Stafford.  Tide~ has been instrumental in supporting my professional development.  My involvement in Tide~ began  through a study visit to Cape Town and the projects that developed teaching materials from that experience. This gave me the time and space to reflect on global development and education with a range of educationalists and how to bring this alive in the classroom.  Since then I have led the key note speech at the annual Tide~ conference, led a workshop at the Institute of Education and been part of a further study visit to the Gambia, where we worked with Gambian teachers to develop our understanding of sustainability.  Now I am a Tide~-trustee and enjoy discussing how to develop Tide's role in a rapidly changing educational world.  I am passionate about celebrating and promoting the importance of the work of Tide~ which gives teachers an opportunity to collaborate and reflect on global issues in education.


Elly Lengthorn

I gained my BSc Geography at Brunel University, which I followed with a postgraduate certificate in teacher education at Goldsmiths College, London. I later gained an MSc in Science Media Production from Imperial College, whilst working in Secondary science education in South East London.  I became a Fellow and Chartered Geographer of the Royal Geographical Society in 2014 and was awarded the Think Global ‘Educator of the Year Award’ in 2016 partly in recognition of my volunteering roles with Development Education Centres to raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as my commitment to global learning and development education as a Global Learning Programme expert centre coordinator and SSAT Lead Practitioner. 

I began my career in higher education after 15 years in Secondary Education, where I worked in roles including Teacher of Science, Teacher of Geography, Eco-Schools Co-ordinator, Charities Co-ordinator and Associate Assistant Head Teacher, with responsibilities for SMSC and managing Business and ICT.   I teach both geography and science education across the primary and secondary centres on undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Roger McBrien

I taught design and technology and science in several schools across the midlands before teaching for two years in the Caribbean with VSO. Following this experience, I undertook some research work for VSO and across many Development Education Centres. This led to the Changing Technology project with Tide when I returned to full time teaching in Birmingham. Following this I joined the Tide Management Committee in the mid-1990s. Engagement with Tide, it values, and its ways of working has continued to support me throughout my career. I recently retired as headteacher of a large secondary school in Birmingham and I now work with Birmingham Education Partnership supporting school improvement.


Jeff Serf

I taught geography in a number of secondary schools across the West Midlands and became involved with Tide~ in the early-1980s. My initial interests in geography, development education and human rights education have evolved into the areas of education for democratic citizenship and global learning.  I have always found involvement with Tide~, as a teacher, as a teacher educator and as Associate Dean at the University of Wolverhampton as both stimulating and beneficial in developing my knowledge and my understanding of the world around us.


Scott Sinclair

I have been involved with Tide~ since it started and was Director until 2009.  I then managed a national programme in Wales for a couple of years before retiring.  Tide~ like many ‘third sector’ organisations has recently been through some turbulent times.  The dynamic of the network and the creativity of teachers continues to be an inspiration to me. 

The professional development approaches that drive Tide~ are more needed than ever.  I am enthusiastic about seeking new ways of working … to enable ‘space’ for work on learning and the needs of learners responding to a growing agenda of global challenges.


Balbir Sohal

Balbir has over 40 years' experience in education, ranging from primary to Higher education; devising and delivering learning and teaching programmes to many varied audiences which include adults, children and young people. Throughout her career she has been involved in education in one guise or another, whether it be working within an anti-racist context, global citizenship or on equality issues.  She has worked abroad in partnership with many organisations in the areas of equality, diversity and peace education. She is passionate about teaching and developing children and people whether it be personally or professionally, she is particularly interested in promoting marginal voices and is a community activist. Currently, she is a freelance education consultant; working for the Anne Frank Trust UK, focusing on the Preventing Violent Extremism agenda with West Midlands Police and promoting Peace Education. Balbir job shares the role of Prevent Education Officer for Coventry Local Authority.


Ben Ballin

Freelance educator.  I was project worker at Tide~ from 1998 to 2016, working with teachers on projects (including the creation of teaching resources), facilitating training and leading international study visits.  Since then, I have continued to lead some training and project work for Tide~, but on a freelance basis.  I have always really valued Tide~'s emphasis on a process of learning that involves groups of people working together, engaging with big global questions and offering each other mutual challenge and support: be they teachers, workers or young people. 


Kevin Harrison

I have been involved with Tide~ since the 1970s in various financial roles. For the several years I have done the 'bookkeeping' and liaised with our accountant to prepare the annual accounts. Tide~ has had both good and harsh years over time and I look forward to helping with current developments.

I have a non teaching background.  Enjoying retirement from working in the health service.