Why a magazine?  We are seeking a format that will have substance and offer inspiration but is easier to engage with than a journal.  We are envisaging short sharp visual articles that are easy to read on line, that a busy teacher would have time to write and that might stimulate others to respond and share their ideas.  Clusters of short articles on a theme or issue could bring together experiences and offer a resource in its own right.

We are Seeking aricles.  This paper outlines a brief and provides a context.

We have taken our inspiration from the archived ‘Forward Thinking

See individual articles and issues of The Elephant Times.

2020 started, as the Martyn Turner cartoon suggests, with much to reflect on.  How do we see learner needs in this context?  

Covid-19 then added a new dynamic to understanding the global … and to the need for fresh thinking about global learning.  What are the priorities for development?