22/07/2011 by Richard Partridge, Lordswood Boys School, Birmingham

At the time of his visit to Uganda in 2004 Richard was a teacher at Washwood Heath Technology College in Birmingham. He has since moved schools and is currently teaching Geography at Lordswood Boys in Birmingham.

Richard jointly co-ordinated a Tide~ study visit project to Uganda in 2005 with Rob Bowden, EASI-ER

22/07/2011 by Lezli Howarth, Chandos Primary School

Lezli is a primary teacher and Humanities Curriculum Leader at Chandos Primary School in Birmingham. The work in this article grew out of a Tide~ study visit to The Gambia in February 2007, and a return visit in February 2008 with Shropshire Museum Service. She is also a Primary Geography Champion for the Geographical Association. 

25/07/2011 by Lynn Davies, Clive Harber, Hiromi Yamashita, University of Birmingham
25/07/2011 by Jackie Zammit

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16/07/2012 by Sally Wood and Ben Ballin


Sally is Senco at Chaddesley Corbett [Endowed] Primary School and Ben is a consultant working with Tide~




26/07/2011 by Jackie Zammit

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26/07/2011 by Jon Cree, Deborah Hull, Becky Link, Jack Shuttleworth
17/07/2012 by Ben Ballin

This article shares ideas from a Tide~ workshop with a group of West African griots.

26/09/2011 by Clive Harber & Jeff Serf

Clive Harber and Jeff Serf